Past Events

Nottingham Freshers Tournament

So we won the most important part of the tournament, the fancy dress competition, with our awesome theme of OAPs.

Cardiff Freshers Tournament 2010

So we went to Cardiff for the day and almost won! Our teams came 2nd and 7th

Freshers Fair 2010

I just wanted to put this photo up!

Cardiff Summer Tournament 2010

We went to Cardiff for their Summer Tournament and spent most of the day trying to avoid the rain. We might have played better if it wasn't for Lounge the night before.

Belgium 2010

In June 2010, we took a team to Antwerp to take part in an outdoor tournament against teams from Belgium, Holland and the UK. We came 12th and had a great time.

Bristol City Summer Tournament 2010

In June 2010, we entered two teams in Bristol City's Outdoor Tournament.

BUCS 1st Team Nationals 2010

This year, Bristol University came 8th in BUCS 1st Team National Event, our highest result in 5 years!

2nd Team Nationals 2010

We went to Cardiff and came 11th.

SWKL End of 2009/2010 Season Event

To finish off the season, all remaining 12 matches were played in one afternoon.

Bristol University's 1st and 2nd teams played Bristol City, with the 1st Team winning 11-9 and the 2nd Team losing (just) by 9-10. Afterwards, members from all 6 clubs took part in a Sports Relief mile, which was won by Bristol University's First Team Captain, Andrew Nye.