Korfball is a great mixed sport imported from the Netherlands, played indoor with a team of 8 people. A little like a combination of netball and basketball, players play both attack and defense and need a combination of speed, agility and ball-handling skills to succeed.

It sounds complicated, but is actually really simple. You are essentially matched with a player on the other team and required to beat them to the post in order to shoot. If you’re on the defensive side of things, you must stick to your player at all costs and not let them past you - if you’re in front of them within touching distance, any shot they take won’t  be counted, so they can’t score. There are 4 boys and 4 girls on each team, and you are only allowed to mark your own gender, which can be utilised to your advantage if you are attacking.

Shots are frequent and can be taken by anyone on the attacking team who is not closely marked by a defender. While players often have certain roles in-play, you must be able to do everything on the court and there are no defined positions such as ‘shooter’ or ‘defender’.

All this makes for an exciting and fast-paced game which is easy to pick up!